The day Paul Cannon dropped by

Colby grabs Paul’s leg and kisses him on the neck. Paul Cannon kisses him back, but on the lips this time and all of a sudden the temperature rises in the bedroom and they begin to strip naked.
Colby sits back and Paul bends over, takes his cock into his mouth and sucks on his young hard cock. Colby growls in ecstasy as Paul massages his ball sack, and at the same time as he carries on deep throating his gay dick. Colby Jansen sits up in bed and they kiss each other passionately before Paul stands up and he sucks back on Paul’s rock solid hard-on.
colby jansen
Paul lies with his back on the bed and his heels almost touching his shoulders as he goes down and we get a great close up of his tongue and fingers darting in and out of Paul’s smooth asshole. Colby stands between Paul’s spread legs and slaps his cock against his soaking wet asshole asking him if he wants it.
Paul groans out loud as he feels his tight asshole being forcibly spread wide open by Colby’s thick cock as it slides tightly in and fits like a glove. He fucks him standing up, lying down, and doggy style until he knows he can’t hold back any longer. He lays down on his back as Paul Canon kneels next to his face and jerks on his cock and cums into Colby Jansen’s greedy, slutty mouth. Colby swallows his come and sucks it dry as he franticly pumps on his throbbing cock until it explodes like a volcano and his cum erupts out of him and runs down his tight body.

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